The 9 Different Types of Eaters – Which One Are You

The fast food lover, the messy eater, the health food obsessed, the loud chewer, the sslloow eater, the talkative eater, the fast eater. There are

The fast food lover, the messy eater, the health food obsessed, the loud chewer, the sslloow eater, the talkative eater, the fast eater. There are as many eaters out there as there are cuisines. I got really hungry researching on the various types of eaters out there I had to pause for a while for some Spaghetti Veggie Bacon and Omelet

But below are basically a few types of eaters that are most common in our lives. From the food critic to the instagrammer who always has an undying need to photograph their food before eating. It is important to know what type of eater you are so you can create a suitable eating plan for yourself for a more healthier life.

P.S: This piece is best read with a plateful of snacks

1. The Midnight Snacker

midnight eating quote

This type of eater is attracted to the glow of the fridge at night just as a moth is to a flame. They’ll be in bed and hear the yogurt or ice cream in the fridge calling out their name. They will hop out of bed and creep into the kitchen in the cover of darkness to satiate their hunger. In college, I had a roommate who wouldn’t sleep peacefully with bread in the house.

Nothing is safe from the midnight snacker. You will plan to have your left overs for breakfast only for you to find out in the morning that the cat somehow managed to open the fridge. Or did he?

Tip: If you are a midnight snacker, include protein in every meal. Protein makes one feel full for much longer cutting the need for midnight snacking. Get more tips here, 10 Clever Ways to Stop Eating Late at Night

2. I-Evaporate-What-I-Eat Eater

skinny people eat more

Seriously though, where does the food this people eat end up going? The only explanation is evaporation. Poof! In thin air! These must be the luckiest people alive. They have six pack abs and are really skinny no matter the amount of food they eat.

We all have that one friend whose body is inversely proportional to the quantity and type of food they eat. They. Just. Can’t. put. On. Weight. No. matter. How. Much. They. Eat. If you are this type of eater go get yourself a burger. A very big burger, you need it.

3. The Emotional Eater

emotional eating

Whether it is a bad day at work, an ugly breakup or they have watched a sad movie again, an emotional eater will always turn to food.
Eating is the ultimate way to deal with emotions such as anger, fear, loneliness, stress, boredom and sadness. The emotional eater is likely to be found weeping their way into a jar of ice cream with biscuit and sweets wrappers strewn all over.

Emotional eating normally builds up to shame and guilt as you ponder over the amount of food you have just eaten. If you come across an emotional eater, give them a hug.

Tip: Keep a food journal. Record what you eat and how you were feeling when you ate it. This way you can identify what feelings trigger you to eat.

4. The External Eater

cupcakes on display

The moment they see food, nothing will stop them from getting it. Craving is their weakness.

This eater will be in the supermarket shopping and just as they are about to pay they’ll see Oreos or Smarties. They’ll walk out of the supermarket biting on the oreos and walk down the street only to come across cupcakes in a display window.

The external eater is a marketer’s dream. Sight of food and other external factors easily sparks their brain into thinking they need to eat.

Tip: Create a distraction to keep you occupied and allow the craving to pass.

5. The food thief

Don’t seat next to this person. They will order for salad in the menu and eat half of your fries. Always have your eyes on this people, they just can’t help themselves.

I am this type of eater. If you are a food thief too, acceptance is the first step. Then we proceed to seek help and leave the others to enjoy their food.

6. The Slow Eater

These eaters make eating look like an art. Their bites are calculated to occur in some kind of organized sequence. They chew to detail.
Twenty minutes after you are done with your meal, they’ll still be on their third bite. That’s when you bring out the food thief in you to help them out as it is getting late.

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7. The Healthy Eater

healthy eating

This is the type of eater we should all yearn to be, except without the bragging and the holier-than-thee attitude. Yes, we get you are way too healthy. No, we don’t want to know about it.

They will wake up at 5 am to have a high protein green smoothie before their daily morning run. They’ll tell you what kind of toxins are in apple seeds and how they are slowly ending your life.

At times the healthy eater will fall back and engage in all types of junk food. This is when guilt comes in and they start to hate themselves.

Tip: Go easy on the rigid food rules. Don’t beat yourself up.

8. The Critic

Once dinner is served, the critic will bring out their magnifying glasses to inspect the food closely. They have food standards to be met. The critic is never happy with what they have just eaten.

They will also tell you what exactly they are not happy about. The egg was fried for 3 seconds longer or the beef could have been let to simmer for a minute longer. Such comments never hurt unless you were the one that cooked. That’s when you remember how the last time you cooked for them you swore never to do it again.

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9. The Instagrammer

Yaay! Food is served. But first, let me take a selfie. #yummy #foodpicoftheday #instafoodie

At restaurants, the instagrammer will order for food that will look good on camera as opposed to what they want. Do they actually eat their food? Do they enjoy it?

Tip: I’m sorry, but uummmm, put your phone down and eat.


Those are just but some of the various types of eaters. If you know of any other types of eaters, do let me know in the comments. Though at times we may possess more than one of the traits mentioned, we always have that one dominant type. Which one are you? I’ll be glad to know in the comments.

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