Forget These 3 Healthy Eating Resolutions and Try These Instead

Let me be clear about something right away. I don’t subscribe to the whole “new year, new me” thing. Apart from being a tired cliché,

New Year Resolutions

Let me be clear about something right away. I don’t subscribe to the whole “new year, new me” thing. Apart from being a tired cliché, it is also not reasonable as such. It kind of alludes that whoever you are when December comes around needs a total overhaul.
I prefer “reset, reevaluate, and restart.” Nice and neat, right?

With the new year rolling in, it is the most opportune time to form a picture of what you envision for yourself, and put it down on paper in form of resolutions. Of course without using unrealistic language like “lose weight”, “hit the gym every day” and “eat healthy.”

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that these aren’t valid goals; they just don’t fit the picture of actionable plans. What works better is steering off statements that are self depreciative. Some of my faves: “I want to be more active this year.” “I want to get more sleep.” A road map with simple, actionable plans is the best way to keep your “reset, reevaluate, and restart” plan on track.

You realize I said “put down on paper.” Written resolutions have proven to be far much easy to accomplish than unwritten ones. So go ahead, grab your pen and paper and get writing. If you haven’t thought out any resolutions yet, stop living dangerously, will you?

With that delete these resolutions off your list and adopt the ones recommended. You will get better results. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Instead of “I will lose weight in 2019…”

Weight Loss Resolution

Let’s face it, blunt resolutions like “I will lose weight” never work. Apart from being so wide, it doesn’t provide an actionable and clear plan. It is important to use positive statements in your resolutions. Statements like “I will increase my vegetable intake to more than two servings a day.”

Instead of also focusing on the number on the scale, focus on what is on your plate. The size of your stomach is equal to both fists put together. Eating more than that is uncalled for and will only result in putting on more weight.

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Instead of “I will avoid bad foods…”

Don’t be hard on yourself with propositions like “No carbs” “No fat” “No salt” and “No sugar.” Such decisions only lead to deprivation and hunger. Instead focus on adding healthy ingredients to your everyday meals. Add vegetables to your eggs or rice like in this Healthy Fried Rice or Avocado like in this Avocado Yogurt Spaghetti Sauce. Focus on adding rather than subtracting.

Instead of “Forcing down more water…”

Water is essential. However this crucial liquid can also be found in other sources like juices, smoothies, fruits and soups among others. Instead of forcing yourself to gulp loads of water try other fun ways of taking the liquid. You could cut a piece of apple in a mug, pour some warm water and cinnamon over it and enjoy. At the end of your drink, you will be rewarded with some nice baked apple.

You should also consider getting more hydrating foods like Watermelons, Bananas, Strawberries, Spinach and Radishes.

Bonus Resolution

Instead of focusing on what you eat, focus more on when you eat it. Reports indicate that 75% of all the calories you consume in a day, should be consumed before 2 pm. Aim to consume high calorie foods in the morning as you progress to low calorie foods throughout the day. Your diet could be wholly composed of healthy foods, however you are taking in high calorie foods in the evening when you don’t need energy. Such calories will only be stored as fat by the body.

What do you think of these resolutions? Am I horribly wrong somewhere or have I omitted anything? Let me know in the comments. You could also share some of your resolutions in the comments.

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